Does anyone know what this does and explain it to me?

 TRANSPOSE('Form Responses 1'!C2:C),B2:B)),N(IFERROR(
 (EOMONTH('Form Responses 1'!B2:B,-1)+1=A2))*IFERROR(
 LEFT('Form Responses 1'!D2:AU,FIND(" ",'Form Responses 1'!D2:AU)-1)))),

ARRAYFORMULA - auto-calculate for each row/column in a given range

ARRAY_CONSTRAIN - limits outputting range for example: "output only first 3 columns and first 10 rows"

MMULT - multiplies two ranges/matrixes (columns * rows)

N - converts TRUE to 1 and FALSE to 0

REGEXMATCH - searches for an exact or partial value in the range and outputs TRUE or FALSE

TRANSPOSE - turns rows into columns or columns into rows

IFERROR - deals with errors like #N/A, #NUM!, #VALUE, #REF!, #DIV! if found

EOMONTH - for a given month it will output the last day date

LEFT - is able to extract a given number of characters from the left end from a given range

FIND - searches value in a given range

COUNTA - counts all non-empty cells in a given range

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