I'm writing a file manager in kivy. How can I add listbox into kivy app?
And How can I bind functions to double-click.

  • You can probably do something like Buttons in a GrdiLayout in a ScrollView. As for the double-click, you can check for double tap in an on_touch_down method using is_double_tap property of the touch event. – John Anderson Jul 10 '19 at 0:50

IMO, you could make your 'listbox' using a RecycleView with Labels or BoxLayouts.

Something like:

    id: rv
    viewclass: 'Label'
        default_size: None, dp(56)
        default_size_hint: 1, None
        size_hint_y: None
        height: self.minimum_height
        orientation: 'vertical'

Then somewhere in your .py file:

dat = []
for l in ["label1", "label2"," label3"]:

self.ids.rv.data = dat

Note that, the viewclass defines what will be the contents of your RecycleView , as such, this should be a valid Kivy class which in this case is just a list of Labels. For something more complicated, you can create your own widgets

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