I am trying to print the error text when the runtime error is encountered in my controller function. There's is a line in my function where I am adding


But the text which is being added prints the type


The error I am getting when I put the break point and parse the results view is

{Cannot find an object with identity: '3180af9e-3c0e-41ff-94fe-3af'}

I have tried typecasting the error into string.

public List<string> PowerShellExecutorGrd(string scriptPath, string arg)
    var items = new List<string>();
    using (var shell = PowerShell.Create())
        var results = shell.Invoke();
        if (shell.HadErrors == false) {
            if (results.Any()) {
                foreach (var psObj in results){
        return items;

The error message should be

"Cannot find an object with identity: '3180af9e-3c0e-41ff-94fe-3af'" instead of System.Management.Automation.PSDataCollection


The shell.Streams.Error object is of type PSDataCollection<ErrorRecord>. Since The PSDataCollection<T> class does not override the ToString() method, that means when you call .ToString(), it's actually calling Object.ToString(), which just prints out the name of the type. That's why you're seeing what you're seeing.

The point is that shell.Streams.Error doesn't actually describe the error. It's is a collection of errors. So you need to traverse the collection and call ToString() on the ErrorRecord objects inside the collection.

There will likely only be one ErrorRecord in the collection, but just in case there are more, you could concatenate them together:

var errorMessage = new StringBuilder();
foreach (ErrorRecord err in shell.Streams.Error) {

The ErrorRecord class does override the ToString() method, so that should get you the message you expect.

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