Listening for other pages in react native can return normally, but there is one page where I want it to exit multiple selection when it presses the return key. What should I do

multi picture is here enter image description here exit multi picture is here enter image description here

when i enter android back key,i want i from 2 to 1.

componentWillMount() {
    BackHandler.addEventListener('hardwareBackPress', this.onBackClicked);
   onBackClicked =  () => {
     const {route} = store.dataFixStore;
    if (route != 'Home' && route!='siteEmail') {
          return true;
    }else if (route == 'siteEmail'){
    } else {
      if (this.lastBackPressed && this.lastBackPressed + 500 >= Date.now()) { 
          return false;       
      ToastAndroid.show("再按一次退出应用", ToastAndroid.SHORT);
      this.lastBackPressed = Date.now();
      return true;

  • Mind to elaborate further on what is exit multiple selection? – Isaac Jul 10 at 1:36
  • Is a page which has the function of multiple-choice, press the return key to exit the current in the page pops up – krysliang Jul 10 at 1:50
  • I updated the picture,can you help me? – krysliang Jul 10 at 2:05

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