I have defined a data type

interface IOptions {
  name: string
  value: any
  type: string

And created an array of that type

let myTableData: IOptions[] = [
    {name: "A string", value: "string to display", type: "string"},
    {name: "A number", value: 42, type: "number"},
    {name: "A combobox Enum style", value: "1", type: "enum"},
    {name: "A bool flag", value: true, type: "bool"},

NowI want to define a state which uses this data type and is typed

let [state, setState] = React.useState<IOptions[]>({

However this gives me the error message

Argument of type '{ myTableData: IOptions[]; }' is not assignable to parameter of type 'IOptions[] | (() => IOptions[])'. Object literal may only specify known properties, and 'myTableData' does not exist in type 'IOptions[] | (() => IOptions[])'.ts(2345)

Why is that? How can i fix this?

useState<{myTableData: IOptions[]}>({myTableData});

You're telling typescript the state is an array of IOptions and then giving it an object, let me know if this helps

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  • It works, but I don't seem to understand why. Can you add an example where the state would have another variable, say a string? would it be something like useState<{myTableData: IOptions[], myString: string}>({myTableData, "a string"}); ? – Tare Jul 10 '19 at 9:19
  • 1
    useState<{myTableData: IOptions[], otherKey: string}>({myTableData, otherKey: "hello"}); – Shanon Jackson Jul 10 '19 at 10:40

You are defining the type to be an array of IOptions, whereas you are setting the state to be an object with key as myTableData

You can either choose to just have array in the state like

let [state, setState] = React.useState<IOptions[]>(myTableData);

or change the type to be an object

interface DataObj = {
    myTableData: IOptions[]
let [state, setState] = React.useState<DataObj>({
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