I want a custom menu on my PWA/TWA app. An example of this is discord. I want to remove the menu and add one myself.

discord menu on G drive

I've tried to use display: fullscreen in my manifest but it doesn't work.


I realized I didn't explain it was a desktop PWA I meant. I search a lot but no results. Does anyone know if there's a way to install a PWA without the app tile menu?

  • What do you mean by menu? PWA doesn't have any menu out of the box. You should implement one yourself if you want to have it – Arseniy-II Jul 10 at 9:32
  • 2
    It looks like PWA on desktop. Am I right? I only worked with mobile PWA and probably wouldn't be much help here. But as a quickfix you may try to add div with position: absolute to overlap that element. – Arseniy-II Jul 11 at 0:09
  • Thanks, Arseniy-II I'll try that anyway, but I think I first need to remove the default menu first. I don't think that the default menu is an added element because, when I look at the dev tools it collapses on the menu. – Elias Jul 12 at 5:48

PWA has its own App Shell which is precached assets that act as a menu.

You need to develop your menu specific UI [html, css] which can be positioned at top as shown in the example.

  • Shown in which example? – Elias Jul 12 at 6:12

Through the web manifest you can define different values within the display property. In your case, if you do not want to display the phone or minimal navigation elements (eg. back button), you were right in choosing fullscreen, however this still displays the title bar.

However if you want a custom header menu, you need to implement it by yourself. There are only limited possibilities to customise the title bar.

I wrote an article about A2HS, showing the different display modes, if you are interested.

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