I am new to the react js. Here I am trying to access the mobile camera in the app. Here,

I am trying to use the getUserMedia . I am able to access the camera in the android device. But not able to access in the IOS.

So, I am using react for this.

if (!('getUserMedia' in navigator.mediaDevices)) {
            navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia = function (constraints) {
                var getUserMedia = navigator.webkitGetUserMedia || navigator.mozGetUserMedia;

                if (!getUserMedia) {
                    return Promise.reject(new Error('getUserMedia is not implemented!'));

                return new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {
                    getUserMedia.call(navigator, constraints, resolve, reject);
            video: { facingMode: 'user', width: 1200, height: 600 },
            audio: true
        }).then((stream) => {
            console.log('recording started');
                cameraAccessGranted: true,
            return this.startRecording(stream)

Can any one please help me with this ?

Thanks in advance .


It doesn't matter if it is React or not, WebRtc is not dependent on framework. Have you tried to check examples from https://webrtc.github.io/samples/src/content/devices/input-output/ on your android? For me it works well

  • Yes I have checked . I will just add code which I tried – Ganesh Kaspate Jul 10 at 11:27
  • Could you please check my code – Ganesh Kaspate Jul 10 at 11:28

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