I want to use re-graph to query my graphql api like this:

; somewhere inside a reg-event-db:
           (rf/dispatch [::rg/query
                         "{ getActiveTrigger { id name eventID  triggerType }}"

; event that gets the data:
(rf/reg-event-db :graph-trigger-data
                 (fn [db [_ {:keys [data errors] :as payload}]]
                   (prn payload)

The print gives this result:

"{\"errors\":[{\"message\":\"Failed to parse GraphQL query.\",\"extensions\":{\"errors\":[{\"locations\":[{\"line\":1,\"column\":null}],\"message\":\"no viable alternative at input '<EOF>'\"}]}}]}"

The Query itself is valid as I tested it in graphiql. Google did not provide me with any information what "no viable alternative at input ''" could hint at. What did I do wrong and how can I fix that?

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