I have this issue since yesterday. In the Welcome-Tab I click on Open Bot. Then I type http://localhost:3978/api/messages into Bot URL or .bot file location. Then I click on Connect.

My problem is that I cannot send any messages. Also there is the warning Taking longer than usual to connect.

This is the screen I'm looking at:

enter image description here

The thing is that it worked 2 days ago. Yesterday I got the issue and I just hoped that it would work the next day (so today). But the issue still remains.

How can I chat with my bot?


You have to run and deploy every new bot you have. Open the solution of the bot in Visual Studio and run it with F5. Then the bot is ready to be tested in the Bot Framework Emulator.

  • Correct, you will only see the "Taking longer to connect." warning message if the bot is not running locally. Make sure you start your bot before you try to connect to it. Best of luck! – tdurnford Jul 10 at 15:54

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