Hi, I want to do some data preparation actions, and the put the DataView to another method, or use it in multiple places.

So, I creating an IEstimator<ITransformer> object to hold the pipeline, for example:

var textEstimator = mlContext.Transforms.Text.NormalizeText("Description")

(Copied from docs.microsoft)

But now, I want to get the DataView, and remember, this is not learning pipeline yet.

The question

So why I have to Fit the pipeline before Tranform?

// Fit data to estimator
// Fitting generates a transformer that applies the operations of defined by estimator
ITransformer textTransformer = textEstimator.Fit(data);

// Transform data
IDataView transformedData = textTransformer.Transform(data);
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Calling Fit builds a chain of transformers from a chain of the estimators you setup using the convenience methods on the MLContext. Transformers do the actual work of transforming your data.

You are correct that most of your Estimators do little work apart from returning their corresponding Transformer but when at some point turning this into a learning pipeline the similar structure will benefit you greatly.

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