I have the =Today() formula to be like this: 10 de julio de 2019

As you can see, the month julio (July) is in minus and I need the first letter upper/capitalized to be like: 10 de Julio de 2019

I know there is =UPPER(text) (for capitalizing all letters) and =Proper(text) (to capitalize the first letter) https://support.google.com/docs/table/25273?hl=en . But these work for text and not for a date even if in the array because it transforms the date to this format:10/7/2019

I tried this:


But it does give me: 10/7/2019

I could post the month alone with the next formula and have that be proper. It works for getting the month alone, but if I use it in different cells to get also the day or the year that messes the space in the spreadsheet (it's a printable report):


I also tried using:


And :


But they don't work.

I also used :

=proper(text(today(),"MMMM YYY"))

Which does gives me: Julio 2019, but then the day is missing and I have been unable to add the word 'de' between the month and year to be like : Julio de 2019

In the end, I expect to have the date's month for the date formula return the first letter capitalized to be like: 10 de Julio de 2019 or "DAY", " de", "MMMM", " de", "YYYY"


try this if it works for you:

=SUBSTITUTE(PROPER(TO_TEXT(TEXT(TODAY(), "dd mmmm yyyy"))), "De", "de")

or do it like this perhaps:

=SUBSTITUTE(PROPER(TO_TEXT(TEXT(TODAY(), "dd mmmm yyyy"))), " ", " de ")

enter image description here

  • Works perfectly for giving out : _ 10 Julio 2019_ But iIs there a way to also add the 'de' word int he format? – deags Jul 10 at 18:42
  • @deags answer updated – player0 Jul 10 at 18:43
  • 1
    The second one, =SUBSTITUTE(PROPER(TO_TEXT(TEXT(TODAY(), "dd mmmm yyyy"))), " ", " de ") works perfectly fine. Thanks. – deags Jul 10 at 18:44

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