I'm trying this custom invitation policy code for Azure B2C:


I followed the step by step guide and created the certificate but when the code hits the method FromSigningCredentials it throws the exception Certificate is not an RSA certificate..

Here's the code:

public static JwksKeyModel FromSigningCredentials(X509SigningCredentials signingCredentials)
    X509Certificate2 certificate = signingCredentials.Certificate;

    // JWK cert data must be base64 (not base64url) encoded
    string certData = Convert.ToBase64String(certificate.Export(X509ContentType.Cert));

    // JWK thumbprints must be base64url encoded (no padding or special chars)
    string thumbprint = Base64UrlEncoder.Encode(certificate.GetCertHash());

    // JWK must have the modulus and exponent explicitly defined
    RSACng rsa = certificate.PublicKey.Key as RSACng;

    if (rsa == null)
        throw new Exception("Certificate is not an RSA certificate.");


The certificate is loaded but after executing the line:

RSACng rsa = certificate.PublicKey.Key as RSACng;

rsa is null.

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This happens locally and on Azure web site.

What am I missing here?


After some research I just found the following issue @ GitHub: https://github.com/dotnet/corefx/issues/26682

User bartonjs tells the following:

No one should ever call cert.PublicKey.Key; you should instead use cert.GetRSAPublicKey().

I replaced that line in my question with:

// JWK must have the modulus and exponent explicitly defined
RSACng rsa = certificate.GetRSAPublicKey() as RSACng;

Now I'm good to go...

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    Ideally you'd just use RSA, not RSACng, since RSACng only works on Windows.... and then you don't need an as operator, since GetRSAPublicKey() returns an RSA instance. – bartonjs Jul 11 at 0:37
  • @bartonjs thank you! this comment saved me what would probably have been hours of trying to figure out why it worked locally but not deployed. – ctoph Jul 16 at 4:46

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