I am training a one-class SVM to classify documents. I have created a tf-idf matrix of the document text and using that as training data of shape 117 x 1288 with each feature representing a word like so:

        apple    dog   cat   banana
doc1     .04      .17   0      .01
doc2     .01       0    0      .18
doc3      0       .22   .02     0

However, when I predict test data for documents with no words like doc4:

doc4     0       0    0      0 

... the classifier does not consider it an outlier and it actually has a relatively high score:

model.predict(tf_idf_df.values) = [1]  
model.score_samples(tf_idf_df.values) = [9.50079289]

How can this behavior be explained? It seems that 0 values for every feature would be an obvious anomaly.

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