I'm trying to extract when a specific user has logged on to an SFTP server using Bitvise logs. To run over these logs I've decided to use Log Parser. Having trouble with the query I've written.

I started using Log Parser 2.2 and kept running in to an error about duplicate attributes, so I decided to switch to Log Parser Studio to make things easier for myself. My only problem is that the query I was using in Log Parser 2.2 doesn't work in Log Parser Studio.

That query being:

LogParser -i:XML -o:CSV -fNames:XPath -fMode:Tree SELECT 
/log/event/@time, /log/event/session/@windowsAccount, 
FROM Logs\*.log 
WHERE /log/event/session/@virtualAccount = 'accountName' AND 
/log/event/@name = 'I_LOGON_AUTH_SUCCEEDED'

To adjust to Log Parser Studio that query now looks like this:

SELECT /log/event/@time, /log/event/session/@windowsAccount, 
/log/event/session/@virtualAccount FROM *.log WHERE 
/log/event/session/@virtualAccount='accountName' AND 

And should grab me all events with the name 'I_LOGON_AUTH_SUCCEEDED' by the specific user "accountName", but at the moment this is not the case. After changing I continue to get the following error:

Error parsing query: WHERE clause: Semantice Error: content contains a 
STRING value ("accountName") which cannot be parsed by the input context: 
Value "accountname" is not an integer [SQL query syntax invalid or 
New Query

I have also noticed that when running the following query:

FROM *.log

none of the accounts with strings as names appear, only those that are completely integers.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • It seems LogParser is having troubles detecting the field type to use for each of the attributes. What's the output of LogParser -h -i:XML thislog.log? – Gabriele Giuseppini Jul 14 at 16:13

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