I want to replace words in my document with a Python dictionary and I want to realize case insensitive replacements. Like we have a string:

    string = 'spam fOo bar foo bar spam fOO'

and a dictionary:

    substitutions = {"foo": "TEST", "bar": "BAR"}

in result I want to get:

    'spam TEST bar TEST bar spam TEST'

i.e. all "foo" words get replaced regadless of capital or small letters.

For this purpose I found the next function:

    def replace(string, substitutions):
        regex = re.compile('|'.join(map(re.escape, substitutions)))
        return regex.sub(lambda match: substitutions[match.group(0)], string)

it returns me:

    'TEST spam fOo BAR TEST BAR spam fOO'

i.e. only exact match was replaced. If I put re.IGNORECASE as a flag for re.compile() - nothing changes.


Add re.IGNORECASE and try

  ... substitutions[match.group().lower()] ...

since subtitutions[match.group()] does not find relevant value when the match is say "fOo"

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