I'm showing a custom PWA install popup to the user using beforeinstallprompt event before showing the native install popup. For some of our users, who already installed the PWA to their desktop, are getting the custom popup again. The only way for that happening is that the beforeinstallprompt event is firing again. Is that possible?

Will browser fire beforeinstallprompt event even when PWA is installed to the user system?

Issues are reported for Google Chrome.

  • It shouldn't. Desktop or mobile? Perhaps the user(s) cleared their browser's cache at some point then were prompted again when visiting your site? – Mathias Jul 11 at 14:42
  • @Mathias Desktop. I'm also thinking the same, but the user reported as the app is already installed and didn't clear cache. Is there a definition for when to throw this event by a browser? – Asim K T Jul 12 at 5:45
  • In the Chrome desktop, it currently fires in seconds if all the criteria are correct. If possible, next time this happens have the user go here ( chrome://apps/) in their browser to see if they see your Icon. Most likely they will not which means that it was somehow un-installed. – Mathias Jul 12 at 10:27

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