I'm working on a project to parse RSS feeds from several sites into an aggregated job board, using rss-parser

The feeds use different formats for title, and as such the parsed JSON has differing formats too. See sample of three different formats below.

title: Roundtrip: Senior Product Designer
title: Frontend Developer
title: Unreal is looking for a Product Designer

What I'm looking to do is to unify the title / company format

  • Split Roundtrip: Senior Product Designer into company: Roundtrip and title: Senior Product Designer
  • Split Unreal is looking for a Product Designer into company: Unreal and title: Product Designer.

Currently they're merged to an array in the state using

this.setState(prevState => ({
      data: this.state.data.concat(feed.items)

But this puts me in the position where the differing title formats become very apparent.

How would I go about splitting those strings and then merging them to a combined array?

  • '"is looking for a "...is this string constant in all titles for the third format..or can it change ? – anuragb26 Jul 11 at 8:08
  • It's almost a constant, which I guess makes it not a constant. The only difference is that sometimes it's "is looking for a" and sometimes "is looking for an" – PaulVO Jul 11 at 8:11

You could run a map over the items to get a new array with title and company keys.

let items = [{title:'Roundtrip: Senior Product Designer'},{title:'Frontend Developer'},{title:'Unreal is looking for a Product Designer'}]

console.log(items.map(item => {
const colonSeperated = item.title.split(':')
const phraseSeperated = item.title.split('is looking for ')
  if(colonSeperated.length == 2){
   return ({
     title: colonSeperated[1].trim(' ')
 else if(phraseSeperated.length ==2){
    const phraseSeperatedTitle = 
    company:phraseSeperated[0].trim(' '),
    title: phraseSeperatedTitle.trim(' ')
else {
  return ({

  • This is fantastic. How would I get this to take into account whether the format says "is looking for a" or "is looking for an" – PaulVO Jul 11 at 9:05
  • Edited the code to add a condition based upon the starting of the string after 'is looking for'.I think this should do it.Please upvote if the answer helped you :) – anuragb26 Jul 11 at 10:08
  • You could accept,upvote and close this if my approach worked for you. – anuragb26 Jul 12 at 16:57

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