I am trying to update record against user_id if its already exist and insert new record if not exist against user_id in laravel:

But my user id is inside $doctorProfile['user_id'] data is inserting but user id inserting as NULL:

My Controller Code:

            $doctorProfile = $body['doctor_profile'];

                 $data_array = [

                'user_id' => $doctorProfile['user_id'],
                'medical_credentials' => 
                'registration_number' => 
                'registration_expiration_date' => 
                'dea_number' => $doctorProfile['dea_number'],
                'dea_expiration_date' => 
                'dea_issue_date' => $doctorProfile['dea_issue_date'],
                'npi_number' => $doctorProfile['npi_number'],
                'billing_title' => $doctorProfile['billing_title'],
                'billing_employment_type' => 
                'other_employment_type' => $doctorProfile['other_employment_type'],
                'nadean_number' => $doctorProfile['nadean_number'],
                'upin' => $doctorProfile['upin'],
                'wcb_authorization' => $doctorProfile['wcb_authorization'],
                'wcb_rating_code' => $doctorProfile['wcb_rating_code'],
                'wcb_date_of_issue' => $doctorProfile['wcb_date_of_issue'],
                'hospital_privileges' => $doctorProfile['hospital_privileges'],

            $medId = MedicalIdentifiers::firstOrCreate(['user_id' => $doctorProfile['user_id']], $data_array);

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    What do you get if you dump your $data_array before calling firstOrCreate? like dd($data_array);? can you show us the data – O.S.Kaya Jul 11 at 8:26
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    Where do you declare $body variable? Could you tell us how the request is structured? – Roberto Ferro Jul 11 at 8:27

you can make it easier


firstOrCreate() checks for all the arguments to be present before it finds a match. If not all arguments match, then a new instance of the model will be created.

If you only want to check on a specific field, then use firstOrCreate(['field_name' => 'value']) with only one item in the array. This will return the first item that matches, or create a new one if not matches are found.

The difference between firstOrCreate() and firstOrNew():

  • firstOrCreate() will automatically create a new entry in the database if there is not match found. Otherwise it will give you the matched item.
  • firstOrNew() will give you a new model instance to work with if not match was found, but will only be saved to the database when you explicitly do so (calling save() on the model). Otherwise it will give you the matched item.

Choosing between one or the other depends on what you want to do. If you want to modify the model instance before it is saved for the first time (e.g. setting a name or some mandatory field), you should use firstOrNew(). If you can just use the arguments to immediately create a new model instance in the database without modifying it, you can use firstOrCreate().

from: First Or Create

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