I have an angular 7 (App1) application which I have just finished. The new requirements are for this app to be integrated into a new project (App2). The requirements are for (App1) to work both as a stand-alone and also run from within (App2). This is because (App1) will be given to clients for free, unless they choose to purchase the full product (App2) which is a complete solution.

My problem is this. How do I maintain the routing structure of the first application while accessing it from within the second?

Ideally, I would like to be able to add a prefix /customersto become app1/customers. This works, but when I try to access an inner component e.g /customers/locationthe routing breaks.

Note that I'm talking about 2 projects, with 2 app-routing.module.ts etc etc.

So far I've managed to import the functionality of (App1) into the second, by importing and exporting all the lazy-loaded modules and their routes like this.

@NgModule({imports: [App1CustomerModule]}) 
export class App1CustomerLoader {}

and then use it inside the app-routing.module of (App2) like this:

   path: '',
   children: [
      path: 'customers',
      loadChildren: '<path-to-loader>/customer-loader.module#App1CustomerLoader'

Now this works, but when I try to prefix the URL by adding a path, due to the customer's routing module... the inner routes cannot be accessed.

How do I add a prefix to all the (App1) routes without breaking anything only when accessing (App1) from within the (App2)?

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