My params in React is an array, checkedItems:['location1', 'location2']. When it calls my API, the URL looks like this


instead of


My API application is expecting to query a comma delimited array parameter:

  public List<myclass> Get( string checkedItems = null)
      IQueryable<myclass> qry = (from a in db.myclass
                       select a);

        if (checkedItems != null)

            string[] items = checkedItems.Split(',');
            foreach (var item in items)

                    qry = qry.Where(a => items.Contains(a.mycolumn));



     return qry.ToList();

How do I change the react code or change API code? Thanks.

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Instead of '/api/search?checkedItems=['location1','location2']', separate the array field with commas, like so '/api/search?checkedItems=location1,location2'

To do this,

let checkedItems = ['location1', 'location2']
// using template literals
let url = `/api/search?checkedItems=${checkedItems.join(',')}`

Then on the backend simply get the query param checkedItems and split it checkedItems.split(',') to get the array.


This largely depends on your backend technology, but a lot of API libs/framework automatically transform parameters to array for you.

Keep in mind that having an URL like /api/search?checkedItems=location1&checkedItems=location2 (so: same parameter multiple times) is a perfectly valid URI.

I can't say if this is your case or not.

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