I am trying to query the memberRepository on two deep relations

const memberRepository = connection.getRepository(Member);
const where = {
  "contact": {
      "uuid": "3322ebc7-7327-4567-95a9-619d36b8e0a6"
  "organization": {
    "uuid": "014f2226-729f-4b9f-bf59-5a6e8b8da781",
const relations = ['contact', 'contact.user', 'organization']
const x = await memberRepository.findOne({ where, relations })

This isn't working, how can I query a deep relation with typeorm?


You should think of relations as SQL joins, it is quite simple with TypeOrm to define them on entities as you build query with QueryBuilder. As long as you have a link enabled in your entity definition you can define a join, or you can use a subselect query otherwise for more complex cases.

const result = await memberRepository.createQueryBuilder("member")
    .leftJoinAndSelect("member.contact", "contact")
    .leftJoinAndSelect("contact.user", "user")
    .leftJoinAndSelect("member.organization", "organization")
    .where("user.uuid = :userUuid", {
        userUuid: "3322ebc7-7327-4567-95a9-619d36b8e0a6"
    .andWhere("organization.uuid = :organizationUuid", {
        organizationUuid: "014f2226-729f-4b9f-bf59-5a6e8b8da781"
  • Thank you, I got to this conclusion soon after, forgot to update. – ThomasReggi Jul 12 '19 at 18:24

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