I'm using the AngularDart to build a web project. I need to make the website accessible, so I use WAVE (web accessibility evaluation tool) to run evaluations for my webpage. The label above the input area shows "A form label is present, but does not contain any content."

I know that I need to add the attribute "for=id_of_input" to the label tag, but the input tag is customized and the IntelliJ shows "invalid id reference" when I do something like this:

<label for="some_id"> username: </label>
<customized-input id="some_id"></customized-input>

So How could I deal with this situation?


There is another approach that might work for you: Simply place the <label> around the <input>. Then you can skip the for and even the id attribute. If it behaves in AngularDart, it should pass in WAVE as well.

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