I have a bottom navigation bar that has 2 pages..

Page 1-- display a list of items that a user can add to their favorite list which is then save in the db

Page 2: displays the favorite list - so in the init state , I read the DB and show the data..

The above works the first time

However, page 2 is not updated, if the user and favorite an item in page 1 and then go to page 2 .

The issue is the initstate is only called the first time

How do I force a refresh when I go to page 2

I am using the provider pattern -ChangeNotifier


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    Are you using a Bloc pattern or any other pattern to deal with state ? if not, you should be – Hosar Jul 11 at 20:26
  • A good way would be to use bloc pattern. Wrap page 2's widget with a streambuilder and then in page 1 you can interact with the stream sending data to it causing page 2 to refresh. Check this – Abbas.M Jul 11 at 20:29
  • show more code... this can work with the provider pattern - ChangeNotifier – Aaron Saunders Jul 12 at 2:25

I recommender use a Streams to observer the change of data.

This is a link when you can learn a little of streams in flutters:



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