Random crash in UIKit when UIWebView load the url http://hkbookfair.hktdc.com/en/index.html

Through check Zombie, seems QuartzCore's Release method is the cause.

Does someone have similar experience of this kind of crash?

[__NSArrayM release]: message sent to deallocated instance 0x60000ad8c7e0

UIKitCore`-[UIWebDocumentView _updateSubviewCaches]:
    0x11e87a5c6 <+0>:  pushq  %rbp
    0x11e87a5c7 <+1>:  movq   %rsp, %rbp
    0x11e87a5ca <+4>:  pushq  %r15
    0x11e87a5cc <+6>:  pushq  %r14
    0x11e87a5ce <+8>:  pushq  %rbx
    0x11e87a5cf <+9>:  pushq  %rax
    0x11e87a5d0 <+10>: movq   %rdi, %rbx
    0x11e87a5d3 <+13>: movq   0x7cb53e(%rip), %r14      ; UIWebDocumentView._additionalSubviews
    0x11e87a5da <+20>: movq   (%rdi,%r14), %rdi
    0x11e87a5de <+24>: movq   0x75b993(%rip), %rsi      ; "release"
    0x11e87a5e5 <+31>: movq   0x33fec4(%rip), %r15      ; (void *)0x00000001131a2640: objc_msgSend
    0x11e87a5ec <+38>: callq  *%r15
->  0x11e87a5ef <+41>: movq   0x7a32ca(%rip), %rsi      ; "_collectAdditionalSubviews"
    0x11e87a5f6 <+48>: movq   %rbx, %rdi
    0x11e87a5f9 <+51>: callq  *%r15
    0x11e87a5fc <+54>: movq   0x75c15d(%rip), %rsi      ; "retain"
    0x11e87a603 <+61>: movq   %rax, %rdi
    0x11e87a606 <+64>: callq  *%r15
    0x11e87a609 <+67>: movq   %rax, (%rbx,%r14)
    0x11e87a60d <+71>: movq   0x7a2a54(%rip), %rsi      ; "_setSubviewCachesNeedUpdate:"
    0x11e87a614 <+78>: xorl   %edx, %edx
    0x11e87a616 <+80>: movq   %rbx, %rdi
    0x11e87a619 <+83>: movq   %r15, %rax
    0x11e87a61c <+86>: addq   $0x8, %rsp
    0x11e87a620 <+90>: popq   %rbx
    0x11e87a621 <+91>: popq   %r14
    0x11e87a623 <+93>: popq   %r15
    0x11e87a625 <+95>: popq   %rbp
    0x11e87a626 <+96>: jmpq   *%rax

memory management history

  • Copy/paste error, do you have any logs? ANything? – Larme Jul 12 '19 at 8:20
  • @Lame Yes, I have updated the question – Mike Qiu Jul 12 '19 at 12:54

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