I have a command like:

(clojure.java.shell/sh "curl" "https://somesite.com" "-F" "file=@somefile.txt")

and I want to create a function that will run standard shell commands I supply... something like this:

(defn run-shell-command [command]
  (clojure.java.shell/sh (clojure.string/split command #" ")))

so that I could call it like this:

(run-shell-command "curl https://somesite.com -F file=@somefile.txt")

but this throws:

Unhandled java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
   No value supplied for key: ["curl" "https://somesite.com" "-F" "file=@somefile.txt"]

How do I make this work?

(of course, open to better ideas for how to do this)

  • Splitting on whitespace is what Groovy does. And there are questions about it, why it does not work, every day on SO. Never split commands on whitespace - it works only for every simple cases. Use the "sh -c" approach as suggested. – cfrick Jul 12 at 6:48
  • Ah, ok... I didn't know that. I haven't gotten the sh -c to work yet, per my comment on the other reply that suggests it, but once I do I'll get it right. That said, I'm happy to have a function that apparently will run arbitrary shell commands from text (useful for copying commands from the interwebs). This seems much easier than converting these commands into, say, clj-http. But is this an anti-pattern of its own, in production say? – THX1137 Jul 12 at 14:34

Your question is a common one amongst beginner lispers: If we have a function accepting arguments, how can we apply the function on a list of these arguments?

(defn f [a b c] (+ a b c))

(def args [1 2 3])

The answer is, as hinted above, the apply method. The method applies a function to a list of arguments. So in the example above:

(= (f 1 2 3)
   (apply f args))


(defn run-shell-command [command]
  (apply clojure.java.shell/sh (clojure.string/split command #" ")))

You can also use the underlying command processor to process the string. E.g. using bash:

(clojure.java.shell/sh "bash" "-c" command)

...wrap it in a function and hide the command processor if you wish:

(defn run-shell-command [command]
  (clojure.java.shell/sh "bash" "-c" command))

then you can use any bash shell commands. E.g.

(run-shell-command "for i in $(ls); do echo $i; done")
  • Thank you! This works as well. – THX1137 yesterday

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