I was trying to solve the word break problem in LeetCode, and I can't understand why the following inputs are not evaluated in the same way - from my perspective, it doesn't make sense one to be true and the other false. Can someone explain it to me?

Why this input is false ?

"catsandog" ["cats","dog","sand","and","cat"]

and this one is true

"cars" ["car","ca","rs"]
  • Word break means non-overlapping words found in the dictionary constituting the entire final word. – vivek_23 Jul 12 at 9:22

Because "cars" can be broken into "ca" and "rs" which exists in given dictionary ["car","ca","rs"].

On the other hand, "catsandog" can not be broken into words such that all the words exists in ["cats","dog","sand","and","cat"].

For example,
we can break "catsandog" in the following way:

"catsandog" ="cat"+"sand"+"og",
"catsandog"= "cats"+"and"+"og",

but "og" does not exits in the given dictionary ["cats","dog","sand","and","cat"].

So in this problem, if you can break the given word into some words such that all of them exists in a given dictionary , then you will return true.

But if at least one word of your broken words does not exist in the given dictionary, then you will return false.

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