I want to test my controller using postman but don't know how to send a model attribute using postman. I even don't know whether it is possible or not.

My Controller seems like:

@RequestMapping(path = "/api/v1")
public class PaymentController {

private CredentialsRepository credentialsRepository;

@PostMapping(path = "/charge")
public String charge(@ModelAttribute("pay-load") PayLoad payLoad, Model model) {
    Credentials creds = credentialsRepository.findCredentialsById(1);

    if (creds == null)
        return "init_credentials";

    return "charge";

Model Attribute

public class PayLoad {
  private Integer mId;
  private Integer ordId;
  private Integer cardId;
  private Integer cvvNo;
  private String hash;
// getter & setter

enter image description here

I found the way to send model attributes to the spring controller. see above screenshot for your reference.

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