have two LocalDateTime and I want to find the diff of hours between them and save them in an Integer. I was doing something like this

      app.setTimeLeftToEnable(app.getDisableAt().getHour() - localDateTimeNow.getHour());

but after testing this is wrong, I am getting the result wrong somehow, can anyone help me, please?


Using Joda-Time Library you can do like this :

DateTime startTime, endTime;
Period p = new Period(startTime, endTime);
long hours = p.getHours();


With Java8

Instant strt,end;
Duration duration = Duration.between(strt, end);
long hrs = duration.toHours();
  • I need only the hours – Ilia Tapia Jul 12 at 12:56
  • Don't use Joda. It is essentially a dead project and users are asked to migrate to Java 8 (Date & Time API). – Michael Jul 12 at 14:40

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