I'm sending a curl request on a FileMaker generated api which uses xml as response. Instead of an Image I'm getting dummy data. How can I use or store the Image response?

Response image

adil_raza@sudv:~$ curl -k "https://xzy:xyz@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxxxx/fmi/xml/cnt/Untitled.jpg?-db=texte&-lay=detail_web&-recid=12070&-field=bilder::bild(1).45849"
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    The response is a JPEG image. What the question about? – AterLux Jul 12 at 13:44
  • @AterLux How can I store or use this image? – Adil Raza Jul 12 at 13:46
  • I don't know. Save them to a file and open in an image viewer? – AterLux Jul 12 at 13:50
  • @AterLux Sorry, I didn't get it. Could you please elaborate or maybe recommend some example link? – Adil Raza Jul 12 at 13:54
  • You could Save the response as it is in DB and use that value in <img src="store_value" alt="jpg_img" /> – Artho Jul 12 at 14:07

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