I have a view bag set to the value of a linq statement to get all shift info. The linq statement is also set to a condition. when the condition isn't met, I get a null value and an error. I still want to be able to see the application when the condition isn't met, just not the data. I have seen examples with if else statements and the ternary approach (ie. ?? 0). I can get the viewbag to have a value of 0, but I need the actual property to have a value of 0.

The view bag in my controller is below:

 public IActionResult Index(string @Shift_ID)

   ViewBag.ShiftName = db.TblShiftInfo.FirstOrDefault(c => c.Shift_ID == @Shift_ID);

calling the viewbag in my view.

Shift Name : @ViewBag.ShiftName.Shift_Name

So basically I need @ViewBag.ShiftName.Shift_Name to have a value of 0 when c => c.Shift_ID != @Shift_ID when the condition isn't met. Also I am using asp.net core. I have seen a lot of examples on how to get my desired outcome right inside my linq statement, but none of those solutions are supported by .net core.


Looks like this would work:

<strong style="color:white">@(ViewBag.ShiftName?.Shift_Name ?? "0")</strong>
  • 1
    He probably wants "0" instead of string.Empty.
    – Tvde1
    Jul 12 '19 at 14:00
  • 1
    @Tvde1, that's right, I completely missed that. I've fixed my answer. Thank you
    – Renat
    Jul 12 '19 at 14:01

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