I'm trying to figure out how to change the font used in non-editor tabs in Visual Studio Code; right now this is what I'm getting (zoom the picture to better see what I'm referring to):

enter image description here

As you can see, a Serif font is used on these non-editor tabs (extension info, Git Graph tab, etc.), making it quite unpleasant and really hard to read.

This happened all of a sudden, I'm quite sure that it is not the default and a nicer and more readable Sans font was used before (like on the left panel), until this problem occurred. I've tried to find if it is possible to change this from inside VSC, but I'm only able to change the fonts used in the editor tabs.

I don't know why and how this behavior has started, and I'm not really sure if this issue is caused by VSC itself, by an extension, by the OS, or something else.

If it matters, I'm working on Linux, on a fully updated openSUSE Tumbleweed with KDE, and like I said this problem started to manifest itself only recently, it was not how it worked by default.

Any clue on how to solve this?


Visual Studio Code does not offer convenient solution out of the box to change the UI font family.

But a developer created the Customize UI plugin for VS Code.


  1. Install the Customize UI plugin
  2. Restart VS Code
  3. Open VS Code Settings
  4. Change Customize UI Font:Monospace to Fira Code
  5. Change Customize UI Font:Regular to Helvetica Nueve or Arial depending on your OS

Alternativaly, you can edit those settings using the json settings editor as follow:

    "customizeUI.font.regular": "Helvetica Nueve",
    "customizeUI.font.monospace": "Fira Code",

GitHub issue here


In most of the Linux distributions we get the option to change the fonts systemwide if you are okay with changing the system font.


vscode is an electron app so you can actually just open up the developer tools in the help menu, look up the location of workbench.desktop.main.css under the source tab, make a backup and edit the font-family rule for your OS. There's a pretty gnarly-phrased notification that pops up about vscode being corrupted, however the linked-documentation is fairly clear it's just unsupported officially.


Instead of using any other extensions, You can simply change the default use VS code Settings. There are two ways to change settings.

1 - For Macbook press CMD + SHIFT + P which will open a command palette on top and over there you can search for user settings. Usually, a commonly used section will open up and there will be an open to change to Font Family

Change the Font family Box

2 - The second option is to open the settings.json file through the command palette or just look out for option edit in settings.json mostly it will be extensions settings. Once the settings.json is open you can edit it and add all the required settings to your need.

for example, you need to change the font family.


"editor.fontFamily": "Menlo, Monaco, 'Courier New', monospace"
  • the question is about "the font used in non-editor tabs", that is, not the editor font.
    – postylem
    Mar 28 at 13:09

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