I wrote a game loop using the PeekMessage function (...), but when I press a key on the keyboard, the loop stops, however, what I'm looking for is that pressing a key or generating a message like pressing the mouse button, the loop of the game continue.For example: they find 3 ellipses that move through the loop and also the other ellipse, and that ellipse the control with the keyboard, however when a key is pressed I want the cycle of the other 3 ellipses continue and I do not know how to do it.

while (stMSG.message != WM_QUIT) {
        if (PeekMessage(&stMSG, nullptr, 0, 0, PM_REMOVE)) {

// render the window //

I hope that when you press a key or some message is generated, the loop of the game continues, however, when doing that, the loop stops

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  • Here's a starting point: deWiTTERS Game Loop – Jesper Juhl Jul 12 at 15:43
  • 2
    It shouldn't do that. Show minimum reproducible example which can duplicate that behavior. Also testing for WM_QUIT should be after PeekMessage, although it's not the cause of the problem which you have described. – Barmak Shemirani Jul 12 at 16:05
  • 2
    I highly doubt anyone can help unless you expand your example to something that can be tested. We don't want your whole game, just the minimal application that produces the same behavior you are observing. This minimal application may not have to have any rendering at all. Here is more info in what is needed: minimal reproducible example – drescherjm Jul 12 at 16:18
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    See the old & well known MS Moby Dick sample (a copy of MSDN : Tools, Game Loop, Keyboard Input, and Timing Moving Your Game to Windows, Part I – Castorix Jul 12 at 16:42

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