Is it possible to save a @ManyToOne side of the association without fetching the parent association. I need to build an order processing system from a eventQueue. The two types of events will be Order and OrderStatus and they will arrive in random as they are sent from different systems. If i know the orderId, is it possible to save OrderStatus , without the Order object ?

Currently what i am doing is pushing the OrderStatus back to a delayed retry queue, if the Order event has not arrived, thereby delaying the persistence of order status. However this results in a very chatty processing system.

public class Order{
    private String orderId;

    @OneToMany(mappedBy = "order")
    @org.hibernate.annotations.ForeignKey( name = "none" )
    private Set<OrderStatus> statuses = new HashSet<>();

public class OrderStatus{
    @JoinColumn(name = "orderId")
    @org.hibernate.annotations.ForeignKey( name = "none" )
    private Order order;

What i expect to happen is if an OrderStatus arrives , i will get the orderId in the event and persist the OrderStatus. However the Order event will itself be presisted at a later stage in time. But i would like to keep the association intact, so that when i run queries for reporting purposes i can get all the OrderStatus in the Order by making a repository call like OrderRepository.findOrderById(orderId)

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