In my project I reference some packages with PackageReference.

My PackageReference

But, if I pack this project to a NuGet Package, it doesn't include them until I manually add them to .nuspec file.

What I don't want to add to .nuspec

I don't want to manually add all dependencies and especially update them every time in .nuspec. Is it possible to automatically do this?

I pack my project to a NuGet Package using nuget pack ProjectFile on Build or manually, then I don't specify ProjectFile. My CURRENT NuSpec (with dependencies):

NuSpec with dependencies

If I pack it without dependencies in NuSpec, it generates an empty self-closing dependencies tag in .nuspec file of the package (in the .nupkg): <dependencies />

AFAIK references from packages.config are automatically added, but I don't want to use this file. I use PackageReferences instead.

  • How do you generate your nuget? – Roman Marusyk Jul 12 at 15:36
  • Added to description. Thanks – Iv Misticos Jul 12 at 15:41

Actually, you don't need .nuspec file anymore. All information you can specify in csproj file like:

    <Description>Simple Binary Tree implementation</Description>

Then I've added this line into csproj.


To build it I use:

dotnet build -c Release src/Solution.sln
dotnet pack -c Release src/Solution.sln
dotnet nuget push ..

It works in my case without define any dependencies

  • Thanks. Is there a public list of all available tags for NuGet for csproj? – Iv Misticos Jul 12 at 15:44
  • Does not work, I use nuget pack and nothing is got from the csproject – Iv Misticos Jul 12 at 16:12
  • What exactly "Does not work"? – Roman Marusyk Jul 12 at 16:16
  • Sorry, sure. It doesn't take any info from csproj (To test I set RequireLicenseAcc. to true, and nothing changed in nuspec + no references from PackageReference). – Iv Misticos Jul 12 at 16:19

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