I'm trying to add user_friends permission from facebook in my app. But I'm unable to test this feature cause i'm unable to get user_friends permission for test users.

I have tested my feature on test-app and with it's test users. But while submitting it to facebook (for review) we need to upload actual app not test app. And on actual prod app test users I'm unable to test friends feature.

I tried to update test users permission in prod app dashboard but it's not showing user_friends permission in list.

Can someone pls help in how we can test these permission in actual prod app before submitting?

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  • What exactly you mean by "unable to get user_friends permissions for test users" and "we need to upload actual app not test app"? What type of app you refer to? Mobile or web? – lars.schwarz Jul 12 at 15:34
  • Hi @Iars.schwarz, I'm using adding friends feature in Android App. From feature it means in app, we have to show user's facebook friends activity. For this we need user_friends permission from facebook and for that we have to submit for app review whereas facebook verifies our use case. We have tested this use-case in our app using test-app id where there is no need of facebook permission. But when we actually send our app for review we need to submit prod app not test app. I hope I have answered your ques. – El. Jul 12 at 16:20
  • Doesn't answer the "unable to get user_friends permissions for test users" question. You should be able to test this with a test app version of your app and two app test users that are friends. Not sure what you mean by "adding friends feature", but user_friends will only allow you to retrieve a user's friends that are also using the app and you cannot add friends via the API itself. – lars.schwarz Jul 12 at 18:54
  • <You should be able to test this with a test app version of your app and two app test users that are friends.> - As I mentioned we have already done this. For prod app we have to submit this to facebook for review. But on prod app it's not working since we cannot get this permission until facebook approves this. Do you know which app we should send for review? and which test users? – El. Jul 13 at 15:53
  • What you mean by "not working"? You see an error message or something? You cannot submit a test app version, but you should link the test app version while submitting the original app and provide the app test user credentials to the review team. – lars.schwarz Jul 13 at 16:09

It seems waht you see, is because today, by using user_friends permission, you will receive only the user friends who already using the app. Not all the friends.

Grants an app permission to access a list of friends that also use said app. This permission is restricted to a limited set of partners and usage requires prior approval by Facebook.


For those users you will not get the real Facebook UID, only a scoped UID for your app.

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