I am using Hybridauth 3.0 version to integrate social login on a website.

The social login succeeds and is duly authenticated by Twitter, Google, etc., and no errors are shown.

This happens after Twitter asks for user authentication (such as login details, etc.).

For example, Twitter redirects to following URL after social login through it:


[Here, ABC and XYZ are long strings, but I have cut them short for the sake of brevity.]

So far so good. But, the getUserProfile function of Hybridauth is not populated by any data, whatsoever. So, the $userProfile object is completely empty.

I have tried many combinations, but no success. Due to this, the user is NOT shown as logged in as details of user are not available after such login.

As I mentioned above, there is no error shown in the whole process of social login.

I have used procedure mentioned in Hybridauth documentation for preparing the config and other functions [in particular, I have used Example 2 in the documentation of Hybridauth version 3.0].

Can someone please help me to find out what I am missing?

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