ml engine errorI keep running into the unrecognized arguments issue when submitting a training job. This post is similar to mine, but I don't understand what the accepted answer was about.

I have tried adding --job-dir as a user defined argument and popping it from my arguments in my task.py:

args = parser.parse_args()
arguments = args.__dict__

but that didn't work.

This is my command to submit the training:

gcloud ai-platform jobs submit training model2_60days_23 \
--scale-tier basic  \
--package-path C:/Users/me/ml/trainer \
--module-name trainer.task \
--job-dir=gs://pr_international/ML/job_output \
--region us-east1 \
--python-version 3.5 \
--runtime-version 1.13 \
-- \
--config_path="gs://pr_international/ML/config/model_params.json" \
--mode=train \

How can i resolve this?

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