I want the Media:thumbnail from this RSS Feed! https://myanimelist.net/rss/news.xml.

Can someone help me with a PHP Parser that can parse the "Media:thumbnail"

        //Feed URLs
        $feeds = array(
        $entries = simplexml_load_file('http://myanimelist.net/rss/news.xml');

        //Read each feed's items
        $entries = array();
        foreach($feeds as $feed) {
            $xml = simplexml_load_file($feed);
            $entries = array_merge($entries, $xml->xpath("//item"));

        //Sort feed entries by pubDate
        usort($entries, function ($feed1, $feed2) {
            return strtotime($feed2->pubDate) - strtotime($feed1->pubDate);

        // Photo
        $photo = $entries->xpath ('channel/item/media:thumbnail');
        foreach ($photo as $Photos) {



$NUMITEMS   = 5;

$count = 0;
        //Print all the entries
        foreach($entries as $entry){

<div id="block">
<li><a href="<?= $entry->link ?>"><?= $entry->title ?></a></li>
<p><?= $entry->atom ?></p>
<p class="text"><?= $entry->description ?></p></li>
<p class="date"><?= strftime('Op %d/%m/%Y en om %H:%M', strtotime($entry->pubDate)) ?></p>
<img class="img" src="<?= $Photos; ?>">laden...</img>


        if(++$count >= $NUMITEMS) break;

The title, description, link and date working great but the Media:thumbnail wont work!

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