I am trying to push a spring application to PCF. In doing so, I get the following error: The user provided services exist.

Error creating bean with name 'dataSourceNWTC' defined in class path resource [com/*//****/*//config/CloudConfig.class]: Instantiation of bean failed; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionStoreException: Factory method [public javax.sql.DataSource com.*****.....config.CloudConfig.nwPrepDataSource()] threw exception; nested exception is org.springframework.cloud.CloudException: No suitable ServiceConnectorCreator found: service id=dataSource-NWTC, service info type=org.springframework.cloud.service.BaseServiceInfo, connector type=interface javax.sql.DataSource

I have tried this with several versions.


    <name>SpringSource Milestone Repository</name>

public class CloudConfig extends AbstractCloudConfig {

  @Bean(name = "dataSourceAIMS")
  public DataSource aimsDataSource() {
    return connectionFactory().dataSource("dataSource-AIMS");

  @Bean(name = "dataSourceNWTC")
  public DataSource nwPrepDataSource() {
    return connectionFactory().dataSource("dataSource-NWTC");

- name: some-name
  path: target/some-name-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war
  random-route: true
  - java_buildpack_offline
  - dataSource-AIMS
  - dataSource-NWTC

No suitable ServiceConnectorCreator found

You'll see this when Spring Cloud Connectors doesn't know how to make a service object from the service info it's got in VCAP_SERVICES. Look at VCAP_SERVICES and see if the type of service is supported by SCC. Also, look and confirm that the service info is structured in a way that the supported DB types would be able to understand.

Aside from that, I would strongly suggest you take a look at java-cfenv instead of Spring Cloud Connectors. I believe that is intended to be the successor to Spring Cloud Connectors.


Hope that helps!

  • cf cups dataSource -p {"uri"} \n {uri}> oracle://<username>:<password>@<host>:<port>/<serviceName> This fixed the issue. I think I created the service wrong. Looks like you have to provide the uri in a specific format for the connector to determine what type to use.
    – java-dwag
    Jul 15 '19 at 14:39
  • Yes, that's correct. SCC is looking for the oracle:// even though that's not what a typical Oracle JDBC URL would look like. Jul 15 '19 at 17:28

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