I am a very unexperienced HTML/JS programmer, so sorry in advance if the question is too wide, and/or if it is too elementary.

I have a two level structure, say Service and Sub-Service.

I would like to show the HTML page with only the Service level, and the Sub-Services are displayed only if the user chooses to (by clicking a button).

I would like the user to be able to choose a {Service, Sub-Service} pair to be part of a set of selected pairs.

I would like that only this set of selected pair (theirs ids) to be posted.

What I accomplished to do is to load the Service in a select, and the Sub-Services in another select, as the user clicks on a Get sub services button. I have also copied the {Service, Sub-Service} pair to a table. But, when the user submits, the values posted are the ones in the two select lists, not in the table.

I dot not expected anyone to code it for me, but I would appreciate usefull links, as I could not find any with this particular situation.

Thanks a lot!!!

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