I can run the script with the command line argument on the linux server it works fine.

for e.g.: ./install.sh -n -I <IP address of the server>

The above command is able to install the script on the server.

When I am trying to do via ansible (version 2.5) playbook using the shell module it gives me an argument error.

  - name: Running the script
     shell: yes | ./fullinstall

Expect modules has been tried.

--my-arg1=IP address
- shell: "./install.sh -n -I"
    chdir: somedir/
    creates: somelog.txt

You can look here for examples.

You can also place the install.sh file on the server as a template. Then you can set the variables as desired in Jinja2.

- name: Template install.sh
    src: /install.sh.j2
    dest: /tmp/install.sh

- shell: "cd /tmp/ ; ./install.sh

Your install.sh.j2 contains:

IP adres: {{ my_ip }}

And set the variable on the command line with:

ansible-playbook -e my_ip=""
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Use command module

- name: run script 
  command: /path/to/install.sh -n -I {{ ip_addrress }}


ansible-playbook -e ip_address="" play.yml

If you want to interactively wanted to enter the IP address, use prompt module.

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