I've a problem related with Sapper's routing and Svelte's transitions.

I created a small Sapper website with just 2 pages. On the homepage I got a Carousel component. Each one of its slides has a in:fade={{duration: 2000}} and a out:fade={{duration: 2000, delay: 1000}}.

When the page first loads there is no transition and this is perfect.

The issue comes when I navigate to let's say /contacts, before I even start seeing the Contacts page, I've to wait 3 seconds of fade out. When the transition is complete then I can see the page.

Is this behaviour normal? Can I avoid it somehow? I ended up using just CSS transitions but I'd prefer using svelte-transition :)

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    problem solved I needed to use out:fade|local Jul 13, 2019 at 10:51

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The solution (as mentioned in the OP's comment) is to apply the local modifier to the transition.

The local modifier causes the transition to only be run when the local 'block' containing the carousel component is destroyed, rather than when parent blocks (e.g. the page) are destroyed – which occurs on navigation. This behaviour is detailed in the API documentation and demonstrated in the tutorial.

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