Am reading yaml file using java and am having ArrayList of Arraylists in my yaml file.

But while reading the files am not getting the contents of the file.

Am getting the results like below.

            [name, phone, address], 
            [name, phone, address], 
            [name, phone, address, favorite],
            [name, phone, address]

Please find my yaml file

 - name: Joe
   phone: 111-111-1111
   address: Park Dr, Charlie Hill

 - name: Trish
   phone: 111-111-11111
   address: Small Vine, River Town

 - name: Karthik
   phone: 111-222-2222
   address: Park Avenue
    - game1: Tennis
    - game2: FootBall
 - name: Anushka
   phone: 111-333-4444
   address: London

Please find my model class files


public class Favorite {

    private String game1;
    private String game2;



public class Person {

      private String name;
      private String phone;
      private String address;

      private List<Favorite> favorite;



public class Persons {

     private ArrayList<ArrayList<Favorite>> persons;


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