I am using native libraries in my Android application. Recently, I got a notification from Google to conform to the new requirement asking to provide support for 64bit architecture as well. My current architecture is armeabi-v7a and I have built my libraries for arm64-v8a and packaged them inside my APK under "libs" folder. Google Play is accepting my APK but packaging everything into one APK has almost doubled the size of my APK. I was just wondering if I build separate APKs for each architecture and publish them to Google Play will it work? I mean users with 64-bit devices get 64-bit APK and those with 32 bit get the other one?


Looks like you have to use app bundle


You can build one APK per ABI, but this is a complicated maintenance which in particular requires diligence when assigning versionCode to each APK. This is known as Multi APK and is now discouraged in favour of the Android App Bundle which is a single artifact bundling all the files and leaves Play responsible for the generation of the final APKs to users, which it does in a clever way, serving to each device only the files it needs.

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