I'm creating a graph with many nodes where each node can represent one of many types of things. 5 cat nodes, 30 dog nodes, 40 people nodes, etc...

I'm currently assigning a 'node_type' attribute to each node and filtering over all nodes to collect nodes of a given type. I have to do this operation a lot and it feels very expensive and wrong. I've looked into bipartite graphs but they only support two groupings of nodes.


What is the best, most efficient way to organize and collect nodes of a given type?

I've looked at similar questions but this use case seems too common for a full graph search to be the correct answer.


Instead of assigning each node a value and having to iterate over every single one when using them, why not just have lists for each node type?

  • I've thought about that, and it's a perfectly fine idea and probably what I'll end up with but I just want to know whether NetworkX has the concept of node types or buckets. If not, then I feel that my assumptions about how NetworkX is intended to be used are wrong. (Edit: I'll give the post a couple more days and then I'll give you the bounty if no better answer is submitted )
    – X_Trust
    Jul 18 '19 at 14:14

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