I have an source observable that emits when you click. I want to make an operator that emits like the next marble diagram ...

That is, it emits when making the first click. Then, it emits when you have 2 items, then it emits when you have 3 items, etc.

Marble diagram

I know that can be done with scan and filter operators, but my question is, if it is possible to do it with the bufferWhen operator?.

I tried to do it (like this), but the result is not what I expected (the first click is not emitted immediately).


It works as follow code. Try avoid reusing source in bufferWhen, there may be race condition

const source$ = fromEvent(document, 'click').pipe(
  map(_ => new Date())

  tap(d => console.log('CLICK:', d)),
  bufferWhen(() => {
    return source$
  • The problem is that the source observable is the click events too. So, it's not possible to do it with the bufferWhen operator because the race condition – Marlonchosky Jul 15 '19 at 14:46
  • it probably makes more sense to use a combination of reduce() and repeat(). bufferWhen its normally should control by third party observable – Fan Cheung Jul 15 '19 at 15:37

I found a solution using the groupBy operator.

The demo in Stackblitz.

The code is the following:

function emitSequentially<T>(source$: Observable<T>) {
    return defer(() => {
        let emitWhen = 1;
        return source$.pipe(
            groupBy(_ => emitWhen),
            mergeMap(group$ =>
                    tap(_ => ++emitWhen)

const source1$ = fromEvent(document, 'click').pipe(
    scan<Event, number>(acc => ++acc, 0)
const source2$ = interval(500).pipe(
    scan(acc => ++acc, 0)

emitSequentially(source1$).subscribe(x => console.log('Emitting from click: ', x));
setTimeout(() => {
    emitSequentially(source2$).subscribe(x => console.log('Emitting from interval: ', x));
}, 1000);

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