I'm aware there's a similar post to this but just to confirm my understanding.

I just start using Yii2 PHP. I've used dektrium/yii2-user that can login and register. I want to do a beforeAction() to check logged user auth.key if exist in database (XAMPP MYSQL). Below is the code I want to performed on.

//Action direct to json.php.
    public function actionJson()
        return $this->render('json');

If the statement true will direct to the page, else shows a alert error.

I know the exact code is

public function beforeAction($action){}

What I'm confused on is where do I actually put beforeAction() at.



This method is invoked right before an action is executed.


Where to place it?

You must place it inside your login controller (LoginController.php) class. Remember to call the parent inside the function as :

public function beforeAction($action)
    if (!parent::beforeAction($action)) {
        return false;

    return true; // or false to not run the action

Then all the actions from that controller will use your custom beforeAction function.

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