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Example Project:

|- main.py 
|- Module
    |- __init__.py
    |- worker.py
    |- worker_config.json


from Module import worker
#do stuff ...


import json
mySettings = json.load(open("worker_config.json", "r"))
#more stuff ...

Running worker.py on it's own works. Importing worker.py from main.py works basically also. But when worker.py is imported by main.py, the worker_config.json file can't be accessed, because the path has now changed to the main folder.

Is there a way to fix the path for the worker_config file when the module is imported and still ensure that the file can be accessed when worker.py is directly executed?

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Something like:

import json
import os

configfile_path = os.path.join(
json.load(open(configfile_path, "r"))

Should do the trick


You can change your code to

import json
mySettings = json.load(open("../worker_config.json", "r"))
#more stuff ...

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