I don't know why electron-builder cannot find a valid identity.

Using the environment variable to debug, I always end up with the same problem where it says there is no valid identity despite listing there to be 1 valid identity underneath.

  • I have tried specifying the cert name as the "identity" property of the top level key "mac" in package json and leaving it out.
  • I have tried specifying the keychain (CSC_KEYCHAIN) to login.
  • I have tried adding the "Developer ID Application: ****" cert to login, System, and custom keychains (I don't know why electron builder keeps making extra keychains called "1").
  • I have tried adding an "Apple Root CA" to all those keychains from the previous line.
  • I have tried specifying and omitting CSC_NAME, CSC_LINK + CSC_KEY_PASSWORD.
  • I have tried CSC_IDENTITY_AUTO_DISCOVERY as false.

Running the command line from this page appears to work (as running spctl -a -t exec -vv 'Appname.dmg' gives back "source=Unnotarized Developer ID" ), but I would like to follow the automatic notarization process suggested here which is based off of electron-builder #3870

When I specify the identity in package json, the closest I get to is saying

Identity name is specified, but no valid identity with this name in the keychain identity=***** allIdentities=

1) BBBBBBBBB "Developer ID Application: ***** (XXXXX)"
1 identities found

Valid identities only

1) BBBBBBBBBB "Developer ID Application: ***** (XXXXX)" <---lists the exact one above

1 valid identities found

When I run security find-identity -v, or security find-identity -v -p codesigning, the exact same cert appears again.

Have I missed anything?

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