I have to manipulate a docx document, just to replace some $variables, and need to convert it to PDF format before send it to the end user. I am using Java to develop a webapp with SpringFramework.

I've been searching on the web for some library that could help me on this task, I found one that seems to be in a early development stage called xdocreport. Do you know any other Java library for this task?

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    There is a similar question here. – pickypg Apr 18 '11 at 15:23

One of the most popular solutions is Apache POI which can interpret and convert many MS document formats, and can output to PDF.

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    Suggest you have a look at docx4j; it supports several approaches to variable replacement, and built in PDF output. – JasonPlutext Apr 19 '11 at 11:03

I'm one of developer of XDocReport. Your need is exactly the goal of XDocReport (replace $variable with Java value from docx and convert it to PDF/XHTML if you wish).

If you want play with XDocReport you have XDocReport online demo at http://xdocreport.opensagres.cloudbees.net/

Today there is no release (coming soon at June or May 2011) but I have start to write documentation for docx reporting http://code.google.com/p/xdocreport/wiki/DocxReportingJavaMain . In this section you can download Eclipse project which provides XDocReport JARs (but pay attention, it's not the last version of XDocReport).

PDF conversion documentation will coming soon.

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Another option would be to use OpenOffice.org to open the DOCX and "print to PDF". Their Developers Guide can be found here. And here's an "Export to PDF" tutorial.

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